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Mr. Franklin Baker started the business of desiccated coconuts in Philadelphia in 1897. Plant facilities were put up in Manila in 1921 and were transferred to San Pablo in 1925. Today, Franklin Baker has grown to be the world’s leading producer of desiccated coconut products. Its products have earned a reputation as the “gold standard” of the coconut industry.

Franklin Baker will be the preferred supplier of quality processed food products and ingredients to the global food markets.

Franklin Baker will grow from its roots of being the old standard producer of desiccated coconut by leveraging our expertise to expand into higher-value food products. We will expand our product line and market reach through strategic investments in the food supply chain.

Values: We will conduct our business fairly, honourably, and professionally in all dealings.

Customer-Centric Focus: Our success lies in being able to satisfy our customers’ needs. We will exceed their expectations of product quality and value, and will utilize technology to deliver service excellence.

Employees and Community: We acknowledge our responsibility to provide our employees a stable and harmonious working environment and to help enhance the quality of life in our communities.

Environment: We affirm our unwavering commitment to protect the environment that nurtures us.

Investors: We are committed to deliver superior returns to our shareholders.

Product & Services:

HIGHLY DIVERSIFIED PRODUCT LINE We supply one of the broadest lines of coconut ingredients in the industry which give our customers a wide choice of cuts and forms for various applications including pastries, cakes, confectionery, beverages, ice cream, cereals, candies, cookies, entrees and much more. GEM® DESICCATED COCONUT Desiccated coconut is unsweetened dried coconut with moisture content up to 4.1%.

TENDER FRESH® WHITE SWEETENED COCONUT Tender Fresh® White Sweetened Coconut is desiccated coconut to which moisture and sugar are added and works well in many bakery and confectionery applications. It imparts a flavor mouth-feel similar to fresh coconut. The moisture level ranges from 10% to 15% to increase tenderness and has sugar content of approximately 30%.

GOLDEN TOASTED® COCONUT The Franklin Baker line of toasted coconut carries the Golden Toasted® brand name and is made by sweetening & toasting desiccated coconut. Toasted coconut imparts a pleasant roasted flavor and has a crunchier profile than more common sweetened and desiccated products. Toasted coconut is an excellent low cost alternative to other nutmeats and is also available in an unsweetened variety.

CREAMED COCONUT Franklin Baker’s Creamed Coconut is unsweetened desiccated coconut ground to a semi-solid or shortening-like consistency. It is produced from desiccated coconut with its natural full fat and flavor intact. This product is available with or without stabilizers.

COCONUT CONCENTRATE Franklin Baker’s Coconut Concentrate is finely ground desiccated coconut (~30 microns) using a proprietary process and has a creamy and smooth mouth feel. When diluted with water, it performs well as a low-cost and convenient substitute for fresh or aseptically packed coconut cream or milk. In addition, this product works well in other applications such as beverages, confectionery centers and sauces (i.e. curry). Similar to our creamed coconut, this product is available with or without stabilizers. We recently developed a new product called Sweetened Coconut Concentrate – a blend of Coconut Concentrate, High Fructose Corn Syrup and other ingredients. This product has a white to cream color and viscous consistency.

Legacy of Superior Quality The story of the Franklin Baker Company begins in 1894, when Mr. Franklin Baker, a flour miller, saw the enormous potential of desiccated coconuts in the U.S. market. Looking for a primary source of coconuts, he came to the Philippines. In 1921, he and his son, Franklin Baker Jr., put up plant facilities in Sta. Mesa, Manila. In 1927, General Foods Corporation acquired the company. Plant facilities were transferred to San Pablo, Laguna, where coconut plantations were abundant. In 1968, General Foods put up another plant for Franklin Baker in Davao to ensure steady coconut supply for all its local and international customers. In 1987, Philip Morris, which owned General Foods, bought Kraft. The Franklin Baker desiccated coconut products were put into the Kraft Food Ingredients Group. The Franklin Baker desiccated coconut products were branded as Baker’s. In 2004, Kraft, realizing that coconut products were not totally aligned with its core businesses, decided to sell the Franklin Baker industrial product lines. Out of the many companies that put in their bids, Kraft selected one company… Andorra Ventures Corporation or AVC. Andorra Ventures Today, the legacy of Mr. Franklin Baker, Sr., originally begun in 1897, continues. To this day, the name of Franklin Baker equates with superior coconut products. Andorra Ventures Corporation is an investment company that was set up in 2005. It was established primarily to manage the annual US$100,000 Robert V. Chandran Venture Capital Award. This Award is a five-year commitment beginning in 2005 to provide angel capital financing up to US$100,000 to deserving business ventures of MBA students of the Asian Institute of Management. In addition to managing the award, Andorra Ventures Corp. serves as the vehicle for Philippine investments for Andorra Services Limited, Hong Kong, which is into shipping and shipping-related businesses. Andorra Ventures Corp. is also affiliated, through Mr. Chandran, with the Chemoil Group of Companies, the world’s largest independent bunker fuel supplier, with diversified interests in oil trading, shipping and oil terminals in the United States, Panama, Monaco, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Singapore.

Other Information
A Superior Product’s Applications Are Limitless Working With Our Partners For Exciting New Recipes And Uses At present, the applications for desiccated coconut products are already wide and varied. But the possibilities are virtually unlimited. At Franklin Baker, we work closely with our business partners to explore new recipes and culinary/confectionary creations that employ any and all of the various desiccated coconut products we produce.

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